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    I am setting up OpenAM according to This OpenAM 13 Guide but am having an issue whereby when I navigate to Apache server on http://www.test.com:8001 it resolves to http://openam.test.com:8000/openam/UI/Login?goto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.forgetest.com%3A8001%2F

    I have gone through the apache policy agent, OpenAM setup and httpd.conf and ensured it all references 8001 but still that redirect appears. Where else could that port be reference at that stage in my configuration? Am running on CentOS 7.2 (Core) through bash.

    All help appreciated

    many thanks


     Scott Heger 

    That redirect is coming from the “OpenAM Login URL” setting in your policy agent. What is going on is that when you try to access your http://www.test.com:8001 website the policy agent is stepping in and when it finds you are not authenticated it redirects you to its configured “OpenAM Login URL” along with a goto parameter that OpenAM uses to redirect the user to upon successful authentication. If you need to change that “OpenAM Login URL”, log into your OpenAM console, navigate to your policy agent profile and go to the OpenAM Services tab. That setting is at the top of that page.

    Out of curiosity, what is the issue with this redirect? Were you expecting something different?


    Hi Scott

    Thank you for replying. I was expecting 8080 sorry, which is the port my tomcat is on, apache is on 8001 so I am unsure where the 8000 is coming from? I have double checked my policy agent and the ports appear correct.

    many thanks



    Hi James,
    Can you check your agents OpenSSOAgentBootstrap.properties file? Check the com.iplanet.am.naming.url for what port is specified there.

    If that looks correct, I would then check my Agents central profile in OpenAM, to see if something was mistyped there?

    OpenAM –> Realm (or Access Control) –> Name of Realm –> Agents – Web –> Name of Agentprofile


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