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    From the documentation, I understand I need to extend org.opends.server.api.PasswordValidator class to write
    a new password validator. I think I need to write couple of other classes as well which extends predefined classes
    listed below

    MyPasswordValidatorCfg extends org.forgerock.opendj.server.config.server.PasswordValidatorCfg

    MyPasswordValidatorCfgClient extends org.forgerock.opendj.server.config.client.PasswordValidatorCfgClient

    MyPasswordValidatorCfgDefn extends ManagedObjectDefinition<LengthBasedPasswordValidatorCfgClient, LengthBasedPasswordValidatorCfg>

    But where do I need to deploy my password validator .class files in the opendj server and any other inputs/steps related to writing my own password validator.


    The Cfg Classes are generated automatically by our factory, from an XML description file.
    Please check the Example Plugin folder for example and details.


    This is the opendj-server-example-plugin in the opendj repository.



    I Am trying to write a new password validator extension using the Example Plugin folder supplied in the OpenDJ installation.

    I understand we build it using ant script, however I would like to maintain it(Example plugin) as a maven project so that I can push my password validator as a maven project in to SCM, also I need not bother about the dependent libraries like Xalan jars and any other required jars.

    1. Do we have “Example plugin” maven project?



    Which OpenDJ version are you targeting?

    Building plugins with Ant is deprecated.
    The OpenDJ repository has a maven based opendj-server-example-plugin module. You should use this as a base for developing plugins. Note that you will only be able to use such plugins from OpenDJ 3.5 (release is imminent).

    See opendj-server-example-plugin module:
    * https://stash.forgerock.org/projects/OPENDJ/repos/opendj/browse/opendj-server-example-plugin
    * or https://github.com/ForgeRock/opendj/tree/master/opendj-server-example-plugin




    We are using OpenDJ 2.6.3


    For 2.6.3 the only solution is the Ant based build.


    Ok. Thanks


    Did you achieve this? you have some example code using the plugin example

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