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    I thought I would share this as it has been working for me and easing getting workflow running in IDM.

    So this knowledge article was the key for me getting this working:
    Here how I get IntelliJ (should work with eclipse) to break and allow me to single step, examine variables… in scriptTask and userTask.

    I get IDM to listen on 5005 by adding this to the JPDA_OPTS: -agentlib:jdwp=transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=*:5005

    To debug a scriptTask, I set the task to this:

    import org.slf4j.Logger;
    import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
    def logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger("logger");
    File scriptFile = new File("script/NewUserWorkflow.groovy");
    Class groovyClass = new GroovyClassLoader(getClass().getClassLoader()).parseClass(scriptFile);
    GroovyObject groovyObject = (GroovyObject) groovyClass.newInstance(runtimeService: runtimeService, execution: execution, openidm: openidm);
    String retVal = groovyObject.variableDefinition();" ***** variabledefinition: " + retVal);

    In my script directory, I have a groovy class in NewUserWorkflow.groovy script file.

    The script task creates a new instance of the class and pass in the runtimeService, execution, openidm objects.

    My script has a method called variableDefinition where I do some rest queries and set execution variables.

    Looks like this and is called via reflection in the scriptTask:

    String variableDefinition() {
        try {
            def fields = ['*'];
            def registrationId = execution.getVariable("registrationId");
            String registrationPath = "managed/registration/" + registrationId;
            def registrationUser =, null, fields);
            def userQuery = ["_queryFilter": createSimpleQuery("userName", "eq", registrationUser.authorizer)];
            def startUserFromRepo = openidm.query("managed/user", userQuery, fields);
            if (startUserFromRepo.result.size() != 1) return false;
            def startUser = startUserFromRepo.result[0];
            execution.setVariable("authorizer", registrationUser.authorizer);
            execution.setVariable("registrationUser", registrationUser);
            execution.setVariable("uid", registrationId);
            execution.setVariable("userFullName", String.format("%s, %s",, registrationUser.givenName));
            execution.setVariable("startUser", startUser);
            return "true";
        catch (Exception ex) {
        return "false";

    Then just attach the IDE to 5005 and set break points. Fire off the workflow. The IDE will break and let you take a look around.


     Bill Nelson

    Great contribution to the group, Gene. Thank you for sharing!~

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