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     Morten Lømo

    I have made a workflow. The workflow starts with a Form (my own version of nUCStartForm.xhtml). The Form is such that the user fills in a few fields, then presses Next. Then a Ajax call fetches some data from the server side (OpenIDM), before the user fills in some more fields.

    The code looks like this:

    var path = require("org/forgerock/commons/ui/common/util/Constants").context;
        var tmp = $("#systemName").val();
        // Use systemName (tmp) to look up rights on the server side
        // Request data from the server using jQuery and Ajax  
        $.get(path + '/managed/tnsystem?_queryFilter=(systemName+eq+\'' +tmp + '\')&_fields=_id,rights').then(function(qry){

    The first time the workflow is run, the workflow gets a hick-up at the line $.get .. and is exited. So it seems to have something to do with the Ajax call. There are no errors in the shell where I started openidm. There are no errors in the audit logs and no errors in logs. When I start the workflow a second time, with the SAME VALUE of “tmp”, the workflow goes through. The first run, even though it exited, must have done something good after all, store some value in a cache or something ???

    I am using Firefox, but I´ve also tried Crome. Same thing happens.

    Any idea what my problem is? Thanks for any help.

    I use OpenIDM version “4.1.0-SNAPSHOT” (revision: 6b12400)


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