where I can find the installation files for OpenDJ 2.4.6

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    I checked the forgerock website and documentation to get the link of installing OpenDJ 2.4.6 and nothing related to 2.4.6 version. I want to install this version to test the upgrade from 2.4.6 to 2.6 before we do it in our production environment.
    So please and need the direct link for OpenDJ 2.4.6!
    any help please

     Chris Ridd


    I can’t find any download links at the moment. Please raise a support ticket with us and we’ll email you a copy in return.

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    Hi Chris thank u for ur reply,
    You made this comment ” Hi,

    I can’t find any download links at the moment. Is it OK to email you the package directly? It is 17MB.”

    and for more than hour i tried to reply u and give u my email just to send me the istallation files of OpenDJ 2.4.6 and everytime i got error message and it seems that it is locked by someone. It is not because u had edited your post no it is about blocking the reply.

    and now ur comment is raise a support ticket. Why u change ur mind! I raised a ticket yesterday and they told me that i can get help by community Blog! what happening these days in ForgeRock. Before 10 days I had access to everything all versions now all new products have S letter beside it so that means subscription !

    Please if u can help me with the correct procedure of raising support ticket to get the 2.4.6 version or if it is possible just to send it to my email: [email protected]. Thank u

     Chris Ridd

    Just as a quick follow-up, we strongly advise anyone in the same situation with a support contract to raise a support ticket.

    For details on raising a support ticket please read Contacting ForgeRock support.


    Hi Chris,
    Thank u for ur support and help yesterday.

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