Where can I find the localization files of OpenAM?

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    Happy New Year everyone,

    For some reason I need to install OpenAM in Japanese, which means that when an error comes up, it comes up in Japanese.

    Googling for these Japanese error messages always gives zero results, I am sure there would be more results in English, which would help me find how others have solved the problems I am facing.

    So, for search purposes, I want to know the exact equivalent of this message in English. I thought it would be as easy as a grep in the source code, but unfortunately the Japanese strings are not in that source code.

    1. Where are the translations stored?
    2. Maybe I chose the wrong download? Where can I download the OpenAM binary that matches the source code linked from https://forgerock.org/openam/ ?

    Examples of such strings:

    • SAML 要求が無効です。
    • 設定ストアが使用できません

    Thank you!


    Hi Nicolas,

    > For some reason I need to install OpenAM in Japanese,
    > Where are the translations stored?

    Please use the followings:

    OpenAM 13.0.0 Japanese properties.

    OpenAM 12.0.0 Japanese properties.

    Note: build-openam-jp.sh does not work now because OpenAM is not opened in FR’s GitHub now…

    As far as I know,
    OpenSSO / OpenAM 9.5 had been already translated (in multiple languages).
    I localized OpenAM 10 / 11 in Japanese and committed the properties to the trunk of ForgeRock svn.
    I have also localized all properties for OpenAM 12 / 13 in Japanese but I have not committed yet.

    > SAML 要求が無効です。

    InvalidSAMLRequest=SAML 要求が無効です。

    InvalidSAMLRequest=The SAML Request is invalid.

    > 設定ストアが使用できません。


    configstore.down=Configuration store is not available.


    Best regards,
    Kohei Tamura


    Wonderful, thanks a lot for the fast answer!

    Memo: the localized strings can be found at https://stash.forgerock.org/projects/OPENAM/repos/openam-public/browse/openam-federation/openam-federation-library/src/main/resources/ja_JP/libSAML2_ja.properties (and similar files in the same folder)
    They can easily be decoded from unicode \u notation using an online tool.

    By the way, thanks for localizing! :-)
    Nicolas Raoul

     Scott Heger 

    All the properties files that contain the translations are bundled up in jar files that are part of the OpenAM distribution. You don’t need to pull them from stash but simply unjar the appropriate jar file. For example the libSAML2_ja.properties file can be found in WEB-INF/lib/openam-federation-library-13.5.0.jar of your deployed OpenAM server….assuming OpenAM 13.5 in this particular example.

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