What is the default password of openIDM 4.0

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    Installed openIDM 4.0 .

    but i am not able to login with default credential openidm-admin/openidm-admin.

    Any suggestion please .

    Thanks in advance

     Bill Nelson

    Those are the default credentials, unless you have modified them in your openidm.sql file used to populate the initial DB. Look there first.

    How are you attempting to log in? Default Admin or End User WebUI? Curl command? If it is command based, please provide the command used and the results.

    Look in the /path/to/openidm/audit/access.csv and /path/to/openidm/audit/authentication.csv for clues as to why you are being denied.

    The /path/to/openidm/conf/authentication.json file controls how you authenticate to OpenIDM. Make sure there is still reference to the internal/user in that file.

    Hope this helps,



    Thank you

     Bill Nelson

    You are welcome.

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