What does "converted to a slug" mean ?

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    I’m finding messages about items converted to a slug in the tomcat logs, what is the meaning of this ?

    TUE JAN 19 21:31:28 UTC 2016 (WARNING) {Router}/handler
    Heaplet name (‘{Router}/handler’) has been converted to a slug (‘router-handler’) for URL exposition (REST endpoints).
    TUE JAN 19 21:31:28 UTC 2016 (WARNING) /usr/share/tomcat/.openig/config/routes/98-default.json
    Route name (‘defaultGoogle’) has been converted to a slug (‘defaultgoogle’) in endpoints URL.

     Mark Craig

    OpenIG uses a slug to keep the path to the route human-readable when it is used in URLs. When OpenIG converts a name to a slug, it avoids characters that would have to be URL-encoded, and converts to lowercase.

    If monitoring is enabled ("monitor": true) on the “defaultGoogle” route in this case, you also see a message like the following where the path is human-readable:

    Monitoring endpoint available at ‘/openig/api/system/objects/router-handler/routes/defaultgoogle/monitoring’

    If OpenIG did not convert names to slugs, the path would be /openig/api/system/objects/%7BRouter%7D%2Fhandler/routes/defaultGoogle/monitoring, which is a bit less easy to read and to remember.


    We changed the warning message, see OPENIG-815.

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