What are the tools used in devops?


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    The DevOps tools can be categorized in five groups depending on its purpose in the particular stage of DevOps lifecycle
    1. Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis, TeamCity
    2. Configuration Management: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, CFengine
    3. Continuous Inspection: Sonarqube, HP Fortify, Coverity
    4. Containerization: Vagrant, Docker
    5. Virtualization: Amazon EC2, VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V



    Here is the list of all the tools which are used in devops.

    Continuous Integration Tools:

    1. Buildbot
    2. Travis CI
    3. Jenkins
    4. Strider
    5. Go
    6. Integrity

    Configuration Management Tools

    1. CFEngine
    2. Puppet
    3. Chef
    4. Ansible
    5. SaltStack
    6. Docker
    7. PowerShell DSC

    Continuous Inspection Tools:

    1. Sonarqube
    2. HP Fortify
    3. Coverity

    Containerization Tools:

    1. Marathon
    2. Fleet
    3. Swarm
    4. Docker Hub
    5. Packer
    6. Kubernetes
    7. Nomad

    Virtualization Tools:

    1. Vagrant
    2. VirtualBox
    3. VMware
    4. Xen
    5. KVM

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    DevOps is basically a culture. You can say software engineering culture. Aim or objective of DevOps is unifying software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops). DevOps is a broad area and it involves many tools at different stages/phases. There are many tools available to implement DevOps. Following figure depicts a complete picture of the tools that are used widely:
    Jenkins: It is written in Java. It is a continuous integration server that is used for testing and telling about changes in real time. It helps developers to solve bugs in the written code and automate the testing.
    Docker: It is a platform for distributed applications. It helps the engineers who want to build and run any application anywhere. Docker helps them to assemble the apps from components.
    Chef: From IT automation to configuration management, Chef relies on the resources and checks the nodes and brings them up to the date for you. It manages nodes from single server and integrates with major cloud providers.
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     Joe Romello

    Tools like Git, Buddy, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc. are some of the best tools used in the DevOps lifecycle. Git is one of the most standard DevOps tools, popularly utilized across the software industry. But, which DevOps tool should you prefer is an important question. So, analyze the differences between the DevOps tools before deciding on one.

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