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    I have managed to use the webagent 5.0.1 with apache http 2.2.25 without any problem, I am using the port 8000.

    I wanted to use port 8000 for another application. I wanted to change the port to 8010 for my existing webagent. I have changed all the necessary configuration, I started receiving an error in the policies. I have checked all the config again but couldn’t find the reason

    2019-02-12 18:06:11.612 +0800 DEBUG [0f8e01b7-276e-8e4c-a9e6-e70c23ec5bcf][source/request.c:1034]scan_policy_decisions(): method: GET, decision: deny, no policy
    2019-02-12 18:06:11.612 +0800 DEBUG [0f8e01b7-276e-8e4c-a9e6-e70c23ec5bcf][source/apache/agent22.c:291]set_user(): demo
    2019-02-12 18:06:11.612 +0800 DEBUG [0f8e01b7-276e-8e4c-a9e6-e70c23ec5bcf][source/request.c:2053]handle_exit(): (entry status: access denied)
    2019-02-12 18:06:11.612 +0800 DEBUG [0f8e01b7-276e-8e4c-a9e6-e70c23ec5bcf][source/apache/agent22.c:899]amagent_auth_handler(): exit status: forbidden (3)

    I got a doubt that httpd.conf which contains amagent module is incorrect due to old port number. I have created agent and policy again. I still encounter the same error.

    Any pointers to find the issue.



    I am using AM6.5 version


    I managed to find the issue finally
    I have configured web agent for a realm however system checks the policies on the root realm. Can someone explain why?

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