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    I am not an expert with forgerock products .I decided to use openDJ ,openAM and openIG to our environment as it enough to meet all our requirements .Now we felt some difficulty to handle resources with IG comparing to one of our alternative product available in our environment . Is any web GUI available for IG to deploy and test resources .Any suggestion please and thanks in advance

     Mark Craig


    OpenIG does not yet have a web GUI. For now the configuration is mainly JSON files.

    That said, it is relatively easy to get started without having to write configuration files from scratch. There are many tutorials in the OpenIG Gateway Guide. The tutorials show you step-by-step how to set up OpenIG for the following example scenarios:

    • Capturing traffic through OpenIG
    • Auditing/throttling traffic through OpenIG
    • Retrieving credentials from a file or a database
    • Using OpenIG as an OAuth 2.0 client
    • Using OpenIG as an OAuth 2.0 resource server
    • Using OpenIG as an OpenID Connect relying party
    • Using OpenIG as an UMA resource server
    • Using OpenIG as a policy enforcement point with OpenAM as a policy decision point
    • Using OpenIG as a SAML 2.0 service provider
    • Replaying credentials from OpenAM

    Hope it helps.


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