Web Agent installed successfully but not intercepting requests

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    Having a problem with my OpenAM web agent. I successfully installed the web agent using the following parameters:

    ./agentadmin –s \
    “/opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf” \
    http://openam.example.com:8080/openam” \
    http://www.example.com:80” \
    “/” \
    “WebAgent” \
    “/root/.pwd.txt” \
    –changeOwner \

    also, the config and module of the amagent is already included in the bottom of the apache httpd.conf file.

    Can you help me analyze what’s wrong with this? There are no error logs in the apache and openam web agent so i dont know what to do next. Any suggestion?


    Anyone knows when Web Policy Agent version 4.2 will be released?

    @mareks-malnacs ?
    @peter-major ?

    Any info?

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     William Hepler

    Do you see that the request hit the agent at all? I would set message level logging:

    You should at least see the request hit the agent and be determined if it should be allowed or not.

    What filters(SSO Only?) are you using and are you using any Not-Enforced URL rules?

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