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    The Web Agent guide mentions a custom property named: org.forgerock.openam.agents.config.allow.custom.login
    on page 139 of the web agent 5.6 guide.
    In this document it’s mentioned that the value can be either true or false

    however, in the release notes on page 4 it also mentions a value of 2 to be a valid option:

    Re-Introduction of goto Parameter for Custom Login Redirect
    Web Agents has re-introduced the goto parameter for custom login redirects in IPDP mode.
    To set this feature, set the following properties:
    • org.forgerock.openam.agents.config.allow.custom.login=2
    • com.forgerock.agents.accept.ipdp.cookie=1 (or 2), where 1 enables the feature to accept IPDP
    cookies, or 2 accepts IPDP cookies and realms.

    It’s might be helpful for the reader to have the additional option mentioned in the Web Agent guide as well or make a reference to the release notes.

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