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    Hi all,

    I have been looking at this documentation:

    which describes how to develop a custom IdRepo and install it in a running OpenAM instance. I would like to be able to incorporate my IdRepo into the OpenAM source so that when I do a maven build, it will create the war file with my IdRepo built in, that way when I configure OpenAM I can use my custom IdRepo as the sole userstore in the top-level realm. Is this possible? If so, is there some documentation to help me, or can someone tell me what all needs to be changed in order for my IdRepo to be included and show up in the list for userstore configuration?


     Gregory Wright

    I’d been looking into this myself, and if I am reading things correctly, the best / recommended approach to customizing a distribution of OpenAM is to leverage the overlay feature of the Maven WAR plugin. My [theoretical] understanding of this is that you create a Maven project that will be used to overlay the OpenAM WAR contents with the files you want changed or added to the distribution. The overlay project will:

    • have the OpenAM WAR as a dependency
    • configure the Maven WAR plugin to overlay the OpenAM WAR
    • build a new WAR file composed of the OpenAM WAR contents with the classes and other files from the overlay project added (and thus potentially replacing files from the original OpenAM WAR

    At which point you should have a deployable WAR with your customizations – again, in theory, since I haven’t tried it out yet.

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     Gregory Wright

    Two other links that might be helpful as examples / explanation of overlays that are not specific to OpenAM:

    Walkthrough of overlaying the contents of an existing WAR

    Example project showing how to customize CAS modules using Maven overlays

    Hope this helps both of us!

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