Version Mismatch in Release/3.0.0?

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    I was trying to build OpenDJ 3.0 from scratch and make an Standard-RPM out of it. I did a checkout of release/3.0.0 on all the projects and started to build them. In the local repository they got all saved as 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Unfortunately the rpm packaging expects a 3.0.0 release and downloads that version from the forgerock repository instead taking my own.

    I know I can just correct the version number and all goes well but shouldn’t a release/3.0.0 be consistent through out the entire branch? And I am now a bit uncertain if I have a 3.0.0 or a 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT version. Thanks for helping me out with some information about this. I am always eager to learn from my mistakes :)

    best regards!



    If you want to build OpenDJ 3.0.0, you have to build the Git tag –> 3.0.0
    The release/3.0.0 branch is a temporary branch we used to manage the release.
    The Maven release plugin moved this branch to the next development version –> 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT.
    FYI, we will delete this branch soon.

    I hope it helps.

    Bruno, Release engineer at Forgerock


    Hi Bruno,

    Ah, thank you very much. I never knew I could work with the Tags. As long as I can get consistent versions with the tags… :)

    This helped a lot!



    You’re welcome :)

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