Using paging at the target side of a reconcilication

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     Henk Schouten


    I wonder if there is a possibility to use paging in the target phase of the reconciliation. I know of the reconSourceQueryPaging and reconSourceQueryPageSize properties but they only work on the source side.

    Are there counterparts of these properties that can be used for the target size? Or any other way to forge paging there?

    We have a target system that uses implicit paging, it will only return a max of 500 records at once. We need to provide paging parameters to get all the records.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards
    Henk Schouten


    Hi Henk,

    Did you find a way to solve the problem?

    We are facing a similar problem when connecting to a Microsoft Graph target system. We would be very interested to hear from someone who have found a solution regarding this problem. If not we will investigate further and share details when we find something useful.

    Best regards,
    Roger Hansen

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