Using AM oauth access token to communicate with IDM rest api?

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    Is this possible? I have integrated idm with am.

    Looking at backstage it seems like you have to go through a long chain of requests to obtain a data store token which allows you to communicate with the idm rest api.

    I have a application which goes through the oauth flow(am for authentication) to obtain the access token, i then want to communicate with idm’s rest api. If i follow what is in backstage in step 2 i need to provide the users password and username again. Any other way i can obtain the data store token without having to provide the users username and password again?

    This the the backstage guide i am referring to

     Jake Feasel

    Take a look at this blog post:

    The backstage guide you linked to describes how to setup IDM as a OIDC Client to AM. What you are asking for is how to setup IDM to be an OAuth2 Resource Server- for that, you need IG.


    Isn’t there any way to exchage the am access token for an am session cookie? Then i could use that to continute the steps outlined on backstage to eventually get the data store token and communicate with an idm rest endpoint.

    Ideally i want to stick to my current integration of idm as an oidc client.


    Hello @jitu-miah,

    I’m wondering what you ended up doing. I’m trying to do the same thing.


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