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    I’m using Active Directory as a users datastore. The problem is following: when the user who wants to self-register follows the link from the registration email, he is unable to complete registration. The error is “user already exists” – I guess there is only one error message for all problems. In the debug file IdRepo I see the following:

    DJLDAPv3Repo:01/12/2016 09:34:19:321 PM MSK: Thread[http-nio-8080-exec-6,5,main]
    ERROR: Unable to add a new entry: julia attrMap: {mail=[[email protected]], cn=[julia], sn=[julia], givenName=[julia], samAccountName=[julia], telephoneNumber=[123], userAccountControl=[544], objectclass=[User]}
    org.forgerock.opendj.ldap.ConstraintViolationException: Naming Violation: 00002073: NameErr: DSID-03050C20, problem 2005 (NAMING_VIOLATION), data 0, best match of:

    I’m using OpenAM 12.0.0

     Scott Heger

    Does an account already exist with the name “julia”?


    No, there is no such user. And the password is strong enough.
    Managed to fix this by changing Datastore settings (actually, Create user attribute mapping).
    But there is one more problem now: self-registered users unable to log in (“no such user” error). In Active Directory I see, that self-registered users are created whith empty Logon name and whithout password. After I set this in Active Directory, users can log in successfully. Therefore, all the users (even created in Active Directory) has a blank Username field on their profile page. Due to this users are not able to submit changes (“submit” button is inactive because the Username field is mandatory).


    reconfigured the DataStore, now self-registration is ok. Having problems whith password reset :( “User not found”

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