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    In Access Management 6, the Subjects page has been moved to the Identities page. Am I just blind, or is the search box missing from this page? I can’t find any way to manage my users through AM other than scrolling through page after page looking for the right account.

     Bill Nelson

    Nope, it is missing. “It’s a feature!”

    I don’t suppose you have OpenIDM installed by any chance, do you?


    @bill-nelsonidentityfusion-com I guess I need to spend some time on that now. It wasn’t a high priority yet. Guess that just changed. Thanks for confirming I wasn’t blind or having some error I wasn’t aware of.

     Bill Nelson

    Nope, not blind. Just very observant. :-)


    As Bill rightly points out IDM is the Identity Management component of the platform and is great for managing your users.

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