User in Realm-1 can list users in Realm-2 via API. How to restrict?


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    User-1 in Realm-1 can list users in Realm-2 using User-1’s token via API.
    How to restrict?

     Peter Major 

    Please provide curl examples for this. Most likely you are just calling the wrong realm’s endpoint.



    1. Authenticate as a user in Realm-1 (userName: tester1)
    API: http://fr.test.loc/sso/json/realm1/authenticate
    Response: Received token String

    2. Executed API to list users in Realm-2, using previous token (Realm-1 user’s token)
    API: http://fr.test.loc/sso/json/realm2/users?_queryId=*&_fields=uid,cn,sn,givenName
    Response: It lists all users in realm2 using realm1-user’s token

    3. Both realm DNs are different and both comes under master realm in same level.

    Same way i can access realm1’s users using realm2 user token.
    This is the scenario i tried, whats the issue with it?

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    What’s the issue with it?

     Peter Major 

    Looks like absolutely nothing. It appears you ran into a bug.


    We have encountered this issue. Was a bug raised for this?

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