use UMA with openam for consent management

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    Can someone help please ?
    I’m trying to configure an User Access Management and I’m really lost in the documentation. I’m following the section : Procedure 15.8. To Register an UMA Resource Set and they ask to Acquire a Protection API Token before what I’m trying to do by following the section 15.7 in the same documentation. I put this link : in my browser and I got this error : “no values provided for the request parameter ‘_action'” then I added the parameter : _action=POST in precedent URL then I got this error : Ressource ‘oauth2/authorize’ not found.
    I’ve already configure the oauth provider (oauth2 and openID connect) I’ve also added an agent (agent1) and in the properties of agent1 I have uma_protection in the scopes and I set the redirection URIs to
    In general I 2 realms in my openam the default one and I added another one (openLDAP). I confugured a LDAP store and the users in my ldap can connect to openam and update their informations.
    Now I want to register some ressources in openam and managed the consent access.
    Any help and advice are welcome.
    Thank you in advance.

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