Use EntryUUID as UID in User Creation

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    Hi Everyone. Today’s inquire is very simple, is there any way to map EntryUUID to UID attribute when i create the user through Rest2Ldap?
    The goal here is to create users using an autogenerated alphanumeric value.
    And in case it is not possible, is there any way to generate a random alphanumeric value in the creation to use as UID?

    My Environment is DS 6.5 using Rest2Ldap Gateway

     Jatinder Singh

    The value of entryuuid is generated by Entry UUID Plugin at the directory prior to core add processing. So this value will not be available to rest2ldap gateway at the time CREATE request is actually sent to DS. And I am not sure if UID auto-generation is supported out-of-the-box in the gateway. One suggestion is to have the value of UID auto-generated in your client code before the request is actually sent to rest2ldap gateway.

     Jatinder Singh

    The above suggestion implies there’s an LDAP lookup involved to check if UID exists. The other suggestion would be to write a plugin similar to Entry UUID Plugin but that’s going a bit extereme when this can be handled on the client side entirely.


    Similar issue I have, I need to auto generate username while using AM userRegistration API to create user objects into DS. Is there any solution within AM that can auto generate username (Which is mapped to uid in the identity store) after calling the userRegistation API?

     Jatinder Singh

    @sireeshanp I can see the case for such uid auto generation. AFAIK, AM’s User Self-Service Registration doesn’t have this feature OOB.

     Andy Cory

    We’ve had this use-case come up (autogeneration of UID using AM’s USS registration) a couple of times. In each case the path of least resistance was to have the client code generate the UID. Because the customer was using their own UI to drive the flow using AM’s REST API this was easy in that there was actually client code in place – solving this for those who use XUI isn’t something we have yet faced, happily.

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