Use docker-compose to run a local development environment

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    I’m trying to run OpenAM (5.1.1), OpenDJ (5.0) using docker-compose to run a local development environment.

    version: "2"
        container_name: openam
        image: openam:local
          - 8040:8080
          - opendj
          - opendj
        container_name: opendj
        image: opendj:local
          - 1389:389

    Both containers run but I cannot get OpenAM to connect to OpenDJ when trying to create a new configuration in OpenAM (Step 4: User Data Store Settings – Could not connect to the server.
    I’m using the forgerock docker repository branch release 5 as the base to generate the containers. How can I let OpenAM connect to OpenDJ?

     Warren Strange

    The 5.5 platform binaries have been published. I’d suggest starting with:

    For your specific issue, I would skip configuration of the user data store in the installer, and add it later once AM is up and running. You can exec into the AM container to find out if it can reach the DJ user store.


    Hi Warren,

    That’s exactly the thing I’m doing :-)
    I’m running OpenAM and it comes up with the configuration screen. I then create a new configuration and in the section User Store, I try to have it connect to the running OpenDJ instance. Which fails. I’ve looked at adding extra_hosts (which seemed to have solved the issue in the past) in the Docker Compose file but have had no luck yet making the connection to OpenDJ.


     Warren Strange

    To clarify, are you trying to configure the user store from the configurator screen, or is AM already up and running OK (with an embedded store), and you are attempting to add the user store to the realm?

    I would recommend the later approach.


    I’m trying to configure the user store from the configurator screen. I’ll try the later approach.


    Was this ever resolved? How? I am running into the same issue. I am attempting to add the user data store after openam starts up.


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