Upgrade from AM 5.5 with Authentication Modules to AM 6.5 with Tree Nodes

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     Manchanda, P

    Respected Experts,

    Our current set up of AM v5.5 uses the Authentication Modules based Realms. We have a separate realm for each of our customers. We need to upgrade to v6.5 of AM. At the same time we were also thinking of leveraging the Tree Node configurations. Tree Node based configurations are more modern and also I suppose in due course of time Authentication modules would be deprecated.

    I wanted to understand that is there a migration path (utility of process) available that can help us to upgrade. Any documentation regarding this would be helpful.

    One obvious option that comes to my mind is to start from scratch i.e. create a new set up of v6.5 and configure all the realms with Tree Node Configurations. This option is not only tedious but would also require reconfiguring SSO with customers and internal applications.

    Thanks and Regards
    Prince Manchanda

     Scott Heger

    There is no migration tool to take you from modules/chains to nodes/trees. You would need to build out the nodes and trees manually. The good thing is that you can upgrade your AM v5.5 to AM v6.5 leaving your modules/chains in place and you can build your nodes/trees in parallel on the same system. Both can exist together. You just need to call your trees with names different than your chains as under the covers they are both referred to as the same thing (service). Then you can slowly migrate your apps from using modules/chains over to nodes/trees with the ability to easily fail back if necessary.

    Hope that helps.

     Manchanda, P

    Thanks @Scott Heger for your quick reply. One follow up question:

    I suppose I would be able to create the Tree Nodes in an existing realm. This will not impact the federation set up.

    Please confirm.

     Scott Heger

    That’s correct.

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