Update mobile field with empty value in users PUT API

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    How to update mobile field with empty value in users PUT API? (It doesn’t allows null/empty)


    If an LDAP Directory Server is used as user data store, then empty values should not be allowed at all as there an ‘blank’ is a value like any other.

    Why would you save an empty value?


    My requirement is,

    User have a mobile number entry in OpenDJ. Need to delete that mobile number while user update API call. How its possible?

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    @peter-major your statement, “By default the DirectoryString syntax does not allow empty values,” is true for OpenDJ, but not widely true for other (older) directory servers. For instance, ODSEE allows empty values for DirectoryString attributes as it did not follow schema rules as nicely as we would have liked it to. This makes migrations particularly frustrating from older (more relaxed) servers to those which are more schema complaint.

    But your comments in the bugster report was definitely helpful to me in other ways.

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