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    After configuring OpenAm to be both a client and authorization server, using the hints provided in section 12 of the 12.0.0 OpenAm Admin Guide I am unable to successfully login via Oauth. When I attempt to it directs to the consent page, which i accept, then pauses for a few moments and returns Unable to login. After looking through the logs(provided below) I noticed it was being caused by “ no cipher suites in common”. After much searching and debugging I am unable to find what is causing this. I have made sure my key is RSA, and both server and client have the Chain in their TrustStores.

    We recently changed the available ciphers due to a recent update to Chrome and Firefox dealing with the Logjam vulnerability. All suites listed in the logs were on
    es we added, could that be causing the issue?

    I’ve striped out anything sensitive.

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    I was able to resolve this.
    Ciphers compatible with authentication needed to be added to “https.cipherSuites” and “https.protocols” needed to be set to TLSv1.2.

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