Unable to install openAM web agent in openAM

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    I am having trouble installing openAM web agent version on openAM I followed the steps in:
    But I get the following errors:
    2018-09-28 10:01:56 OpenAM Web Agent for Apache Server interactive installation
    2018-09-28 10:01:56 license was accepted earlier
    2018-09-28 10:02:13 Found user daemon, uid 1, gid 1
    2018-09-28 10:02:13 Found group daemon, gid 1
    2018-09-28 10:02:13 server configuration file /home/abhinay-trana/IAM/apache/conf/httpd.conf
    2018-09-28 10:02:34 OpenAM URL http://openam.example.com:8080/openam
    2018-09-28 10:02:48 Agent URL http://example.com:8000
    2018-09-28 10:02:53 Agent Profile name WebAgent
    2018-09-28 10:03:00 Agent realm/organization name Top Level Realm
    2018-09-28 10:03:07 Agent password file /tmp/pwd.txt
    2018-09-28 10:03:07 agent password file /tmp/pwd.txt opened successfully
    2018-09-28 10:03:08 validating configuration parameters…
    2018-09-28 10:03:08 error validating OpenAM agent configuration
    2018-09-28 10:03:08 installation error
    2018-09-28 10:03:08.058 +0530 ERROR [396c819c-0120-914c-a6bf-c557340564cd]agent login to http://openam.example.com:8080/openam fails
    2018-09-28 10:03:08 installation exit

    Could someone help me?

     William Hepler

    The Agent is trying to connect to http://openam.example.com:8080/openam. Can you ensure that on the agent machine that this resolves to the Openam server IP address and are the ports open on the firewall?

    The agent will try to access your AM server based on the URL provided and will try to login as it’s profile and currently that is failing.

    As an example you can also test using curl to login as your webagent with a request like the following:

    $ curl -X POST -H “X-OpenAM-Username: webagentname” -H “X-OpenAM-Password: webagentpassword” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “Accept-API-Version: resource=2.0, protocol=1.0″http://host1.example.com:8080/openam/json/realms/root/authenticate?module=Application


    Thank you for your reply. That helped in solving the problem. Another thing that I observed while following the steps in https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/am/6/quick-start-guide is that adjusting the cookie domain as mentioned, seems to lead to the above problem for me. If I leave the cookie domain to ‘www.example.com’, it worked while ‘.example.com’ didn’t work. I wonder why!

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