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    I am using OpenAM version 11.0.3 and when I try to invoke opeanam/json/users call, unable to get role/group information. Groups are already defined in OpenAM. If I go to openAM console and check the universal id value for a group, its listed as below:

    Universal ID:
    id= Admin Role,ou=group,dc=abc,dc=com

    When we try to invoke /users call, it returns universal id value but instead of role we get email id.

    Is there a way to retrieve user role information in OpenAM 11.0.3?


     Peter Major 

    Long story short:

    There is currently no nice way of retrieving group membership information in OpenAM.

    The not so nice way of going about it is to retrieve the group entries and look at the uniqueMember/member attributes (which contain the real DNs of the users, not universal IDs).

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