Unable to find replication server status

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    Hi All,

    When I try to find the replication server status using the below details,gets an error.

    [[email protected] bin]$ ./dsreplication status –adminUID admin –adminPassword password –hostname opendj.example.com –port 4444 –trustAll

    The provided credentials are not valid in server
    opendj.example.com:4444. Details: Invalid Credentials

    I have not set any password to the replication server while configuring OpenDJ 3.0

    Any help on this would be appreciated

     Mark Craig

    Hi Srinath,

    The global administrator (admin) credentials are set when first enabling replication. See Enabling Replication in the Admin Guide for details.


    Thanks for the quick response Mark. I have followed Enabling Replication guide and it works fine.

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