Unable to download AM Web Agent

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    I’m unable to download any AM web agents. Clicking on the download button opens a new about:blank page. Some of the pages i tried in Firefox and Chrome.

    Apache 2.4 Linux (64-bit) –
    Microsoft IIS all versions Windows (all architectures) –
    NGINX Plus R17 Centos 7 (64-bit) –
    NGINX Plus R17 Centos 7 (64-bit) –

     Bill Nelson

    I am seeing the same thing, Chucky. And it appears it is a problem with archived agents as well.

     Peter Major

    Worked fine for me. Try to clear your browser caches and/or use an incognito window.

     William Hepler

    I checked with our backstage team and they said a few days ago there was a permission issue that was fixed. Let us know if this is still failing.


    Hi,william.hepler.I still can’t download the file.

     William Hepler

    PanPan, Can you provide more details on what agent your trying to download and what error you receive I’ll ask the team to check again, but any additional details would help.


    Hi,william,“To Install a Web Policy Agent”,Clicking on the download button opens a new about:blank page

     William Hepler


    Can you give more details, Is that a link within the documentation or a url you can share?

    Are you seeing that if you go directly to the downloads section:


    If you create a ticket support can send you the Agent, but we need to understand where your accessing and getting that failure.

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