Unable to add attribute in custom object class – OpenDJ 3.5.3

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    Hi All,

    I have created a custom object class ‘testuserclass’ and added a new attribute ‘timezone’
    as below in OpenDJ(/path/to/DJ/config/schema/99-user.ldif)

    Code :

    attributeTypes: ( customentity-oid NAME 'customentity' EQUALITY ORDERING SUBSTR SYNTAX USAGE
     userApplications X-APPROX '' )
    attributeTypes: ( timezone-oid NAME 'timezone' EQUALITY ORDERING SUBSTR SYNTAX USAGE 
    userApplications X-APPROX '' X-SCHEMA-FILE '99-user.ldif' )
    objectClasses: ( testuserclass-oid NAME 'testuserclass' SUP 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.2 STRUCTURAL MUST customentity MAY ( timezone ) X-SCHEMA-FILE '99-user.ldif' )

    After save, restarted OpenDJ server and no errors from logs.

    When I connect OpenDJ via Apace Directory Studio, I cannot find the attribute ‘timezone’ to add for a user.

    Env Details : OpenDJ 3.5.3

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


    You night to start reading the schema with ldapsearch.
    It is possible that Apache Directory Studio cannot read the schema definition because it contains elements that are not supported. More specifically X-APPROX is not supported by OpenDJ nor by the Studio afaik.


    Although, testing with latest version of ForgeRock DS and Apache Directory Studio, everything works as expected.
    You cannot add the attribute timezone to an existing user, unless it has the testuserClass objectClass.
    My guess is that none of your existing users have such objectClass.


    Hi @ludo,
    Thanks for the reply.

    The custom object class ‘testuserclass’ is already present on DEV environment where I was able add the custom attribute ‘timezone’ to the existing users. But when I try the same on other environment where timezone attribute is not available under ‘testuserclass’ to add to exiting users. I cannot see any errors in the logs. I have compared 99-user.ldif files from both environments but no luck.



    Sorry, it seems that you got it to work in a dev environment. So, you should be able to find how to reproduce in other environments.
    I did test, added the schema over LDAP, installed and used Apache Directory Studio to add the “testuserClass” to any user, and then add the “timezone” attribute to that user. It works.
    So, your issue is probably not a software issue.


    Thanks @ludo for pointing me in the right direction. I will try to reproduce the same in other environments too.


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