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     Todd Story

    Hi, I’ve followed the guide specifically in customizing the footer for the layout in the following URL: https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/am/6.5/ui-customization-guide/#xui-customizing-footers

    I’ve successfully built the XUI (yarn build) and copied all files over as indicated. I’m not seeing the new footer after restarting, clearing cache, etc. My resulting structure looks like the following:

    Has anyone gone through this exercise and found it differs from the guide? Any pointers are much appreciated!

     Todd Story

    We’ve discovered our issue and this is no longer a problem. The primary issue was that the path attribute wasn’t correct (causing the custom template to not be found). The other issue was that the referenced stylesheet (StructureStyle) wasn’t correct. Changed to _structure2.default and fixed that one.


    Can you tell me what you set your path attribute to? I am running into the same problem.

     Todd Story

    In the ThemeConfiguration JS configuration, it should have the following:
    path: “my-theme/”,

    In the deployed folder, it will look like this (important part being the theme name, ‘my-theme’ should match the path):

    It’s there in the JS file documentation. We had just failed to do it consistently.
    // A path that is prepended to every relative URL when fetching resources (including images, stylesheets and
    // HTML template files). Must include a trailing forward slash.


    That’s what I have done. I set my path attribute “mytheme/” and I copied the modified template file to themes/mytheme/templates/common/ and it does not load. I know that the template file is correct, because when I replace the file located under main/resources/templates/common the changes load as I want.

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