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    We are trying to customize the login form for a realm.
    In version, we would not be able to locate where we should modify to change the placeholder of the “User Name” field (idToken1) or the “Password” field (idToken2)

    We also try to add a label to the field, without success
    <label id = “idKey” class = “control-label text-brand-black”> Key </label>

    We have tested it, placing the theme inside the XUI and also with the yarn and neither of the 2 ways shows them to us.
    It is like always taking the default and not the custom.

    I set de propertie org.forgerock.openam.core.resource.lookup.cache.enabled = false

    Could you tell me in which file should I do it?

     Jatinder Singh

    @Jatinder, Thanks for your answer, if we had seen it, but we discarded it since it applies to Trees and in this case we do not use trees.

    Verifying, we saw that the path parameter changed, according to what we already had configured.
    In the ThemeConfiguration.js file
    in 5.5.1, path: “themes/my_theme/”
    in 6.5.2, path: “my_theme/”
    with this change she began to take the changes

     Jatinder Singh

    Great! Glad it all worked out.

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