Two standalone instances on same Tomcat container

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    Hi guys,

    at first let me explain what i want to do.

    I wanna have two separate instances of OpenAM 13 running on same tomcat container.
    One which will run as and second as

    Both of instances have separate configuration and user’s datastore.

    I have already configured both instances but when i start my new instance openam-mail the first one tell me No Configuration found.

    Can you pls help me to solve this issue? I had considered that it is possible to have two instances which each of them using different cookie name.

    thanks for answers.

     Bill Nelson

    Installation of two different instances of openam into the same container is not supported by ForgeRock. This is mainly due to the bootstrap files created during the installation.



    The problem with 2 OpenAM servers running in one container is already outlined by Bill. Of course nothing stops you from deploying 2 Tomcat instances on different ports with each containing their own OpenAM….

    However, this sounds like a great application of OpenAM realms were in each realm could map to a specific FQDN and each realm could employ a distinct User datastore that is configured within the realm.

    Think of realms as a partitioning in OpenAM were even SSO will not work across realms so you really end up with 2 sets of services and benefit from one configuration, LDAP, JVM, etc… to maintain / operate!



    @bill-nelsonidentityfusion-com thanks i was afraid of it. :)

    @nikolaosgac – I already have three realms with same configuration. My main problem is, that i have to support parallel authentication across two of them. Like i mentiond in my previous post

    As you know when you are already authenticated againts one realm you are not able to authenticate into another without logout from the first one.

    Maybe i should configure next container for this functionality. (Or handle the cookie management for realms and create this functionality for other people who looking for similar solution :D )

    thanks guys for answers

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