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    I am presently evaluating Enterprise SSO / Auth/z solutions. I am trying to get the OpenAM trial up and running, but after having followed the instructions in the Getting Started guide twice, once on Windows and once on Linux, they both fail the same way — configuration appears to complete successfully, but the Login screen just hangs on loading. The Tomcat logs show many cache warnings as well. I’m not sure what do to next, as there’s no indication of what is wrong, other than HTTP status 500 in the access logs.

    Any ideas on getting this working are are greatly appreciated!




    Hi @brado77,

    Given that you’re evaluating the platform, one suggestion (then you decide whether is suitable or not for you) is to use a Docker Container to create an image and run a container with OpenAM. At least for my team, this approach helped when we’re at this same phase.

    Here are some clues about it:

    Case you need any help, feel free to ask.


     Peter Major

    I’d suggest to have a look at the browser’s dev console / network panel for further clues. If there are HTTP 500 errors returned then chances are XUI will fail to properly display. If you have any error messages on the browser console that could help with tracking down this problem as well.

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