Transparent STS for an Backend protected by an access token

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    I would like to use AM for my use case,
    but from what i read in the documentation, AM/STS doesn’t fit
    I’d like to be sure nonetheless :

    case 1 :
    I got a backend (App2) that is OIDC protected, and return “Hello Mister [username]”, to anyone doing a get including an access token with the correct audience (App2), the access token must be linked to a user (the app does a userinfo with the provided access token)

    This Backend does not change.

    Case 2 :
    But I also want to call this backend from another application (App1)
    This application is OIDC protected, and it has an access token linked to the user with the audience=App1

    What I wish is this application to exchange the token with aud=app1 against another token with aud=app2, and the App2 backend must still be able to do a userinfo

    Here is a schema of the case 2, and the source code associated


    diagram source

    Thanks for any help


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