TPP Registration Failed due to missing TPP role

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    Tried registering our TPP using SSA provided by OB sandbox directory. Got the following error:

    “timestamp”: “2018-12-19T09:45:42.710Z”,
    “status”: 500,
    “error”: “Internal Server Error”,
    “message”: “No enum constant com.forgerock.openbanking.commons.model.tpp.Tpp.Type.CBPII”,
    “path”: “/open-banking/registerTPP”

    It looks like a new open banking role CBPII (Something to do with Card Based Payments 2?) is not recognised by the mock ForgeRock ASPSP.

    Workaround likely to create a SSA without CBPII but haven’t tried as yet.



    FYI SSA Extract:

    “software_roles”: [

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