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    I have installed everything as described on a Google VM, however, when I try to access openam I get a 404 for http://DOMAIN/openam and http://DOMAIN:8080/openam.

    I cannot see any issues in the logs other than the 404 error.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed?



    I didnt check Google VM installation steps

    W.r.t. Tomcat, check conf/server.xml file and look for value in the path attribute (<Context path=”????”). Access the url http://<<SERVER>&gt;:<<PORT>>/<<PATH_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE>>


    Hi @peterolsen

    I don’t know whether your problem is exactly similar as one I have some months ago, but I had to expose OpenAM on 80 port. To do so, I edited server.xml from my OpenAM installation – tomcat/conf/server.xml

    <Connector port="80" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
               redirectPort="8444" />

    Anyway, my logs helped me to solve that, they’re present on root/openam/openam/debug

    Hope that help.


    I was trying to get the WAR file to run in a Google Compute Engine server but the WAR file itself was corrupt. I never did get it to work in the GCE, I have it running on a Google VM now.

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