/tokenInfo Endpoint retrieving isMemberOf group information with Tivoli

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    Hi guys,

    Simple question:
    I had configured an OpenDJ as my DataStore and once I assigned a user to a group, I could retrieve it through the /openam/oauth2/tokeninfo?access_token=XXXXX endpoint (yes I’m dealing with OAuth2 providers and the value of groups returns since I had “isMemberOf” among my scopes and once I had defined under my datastore, LDAP User Attributes, this isMemberOf value).

    The issue is that now we are using a Tivoli Directory Service instead of OpenDJ, and although my configuration via Console Admin is still retrieving and filling Subjects / Users / Groups pretty well, my /tokenInfo endpoint doesn’t provide anymore the information regarding groups assignation.

    My question: do I need to change anything to have it working?

    Any suggestion will be extremely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    Just in order to provide further details:

    This is a CURL with OpenDJ as DataStore
    $ curl http://openam.example.com:8080/openam/oauth2/tokeninfo?access_token=XXXXYYYY

    {"scope":"isMemberOf"],"realm":"/employee","isMemberOf":"cn=ROLE_EMPLOYEE,ou=groups,ou=employee,dc=example,dc=com","token_type":"Bearer","expires_in":22,"client_id":"poc", "access_token":"XXXXYYYY","grant_type":"password"}

    Meanwhile, this same CURL with Tivoli as DataStore
    $ curl http://openam.example.com:8080/openam/oauth2/tokeninfo?access_token=XXXXYYYY

    Any suggestion?


     Andrew Potter

    I think Tivoli uses ‘memberOf’, rather than ‘isMemberOf’ by default.


    Great, thanks @andrew-potter

    I’m gonna try and I’ll share the result.



    At the end of the day, the attribute that I need to add to my LDAP User Attributes, as well as to my scope was “ibm-allgroups”.

    Thanks for the collaborations Andrew.

     Andrew Potter

    perfect, glad you got it sorted :)

    just a thought, if you wanted the behaviour to be consistent, would setting the ‘Attribute Name Mapping’ in the DataStore settings so that isMemberOf is mapped to ‘ibm-allgroups’ mean you could use isMemberOf in the scope list instead? i.e. provide consistency at the OpenAM interface irrespective of underlying repository schema.


    Good suggestion @andrew-potter, I completely agree with you. I’ll try as soon as possible.

    Thanks again :D


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