syntax to create managed user using java script or groovy

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    I want to create a managed user on postCreate event of a agency managed object that I created. Can someone share syntax in javascript or groovy script to create a managed user with some values ?

    I want to use the agency value in the user creation as one of the paramters so the 2 managed objects will be related.

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    You can do something like that (in JavaScript):

    openidm.create('managed/user','bill',{'userName':'YourUser', 'givenName':'john', 'sn':'doe', 'mail':'[email protected]', 'telephoneNumber':'555-123-1234', 'password':'secured', 
    'description':'User created via script', 'agency':object.agency_name});

    Here, the “agency” property of the user is filled with “agency_name” property of the “agency” object you were creating when onCreate was called.

    onCreate Trigger


    Thank you very much for your response. I am able to do what I want using the syntax you provided above. I very much appreciate your timely help.

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