Syntax for PEP Response Attributes

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    I am trying to get some headers included for my application to consume. I have IG working as CDSSO PEP. In my policy on AM I have added mail, sn, and uid as Subject Attributes under Response Attributes Under Policy. I am then trying to use the HeaderFilter to include these values as headers. Currently all authentication is successfully, but I don’t see my headers being passed. I have included a snipit of my route code.

    "name": "PolicyEnforcementFilter-1",
    "type": "PolicyEnforcementFilter",
    "config": {
    "pepRealm": "/",
    "application": "PEP-CDSSO",
    "ssoTokenSubject": "${contexts.cdsso.token}",
    "amService": "AmService-1"
    "name": "HeaderFilter-InjectUserAttributes-1",
    "type": "HeaderFilter",
    "config": {
      "messageType": "REQUEST",
          "add": {
             "email": [
              "uid": [
    		  "last": [

    Hello reeprice,

    The Subject Response Attributes set in AM are located in IG under the policy context (
    you can access it with an expression such as ${contexts.policyDecision.attributes} or ${contexts.policyDecision.jsonAttributes}.Please note that the mail attribute in LDAP is an array and could be accessible with: ${contexts.policyDecision.jsonAttributes.mail[0]}.

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