Synchronize OpenDJ and Active Directory

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    Hi guys,

    I need to synchronize an OpenDJ directory server with an Active Directory server and I don’t know how to do that.
    I never worked with anything other than Active directory. Can you please help me or at least give me some links to work with?

     Brad Tumy


    The best approach is going to depend on your use case and definition of “synchronize”. There are several ways to accomplish this. If this is an on-going effort and the two systems will need to stay in sync over a long period of time (vs. a one time data transfer) I’d recommend taking a look at OpenIDM. OpenIDM has connectors for each of those data sources and gives you the flexibility to create business logic to decide what data needs to stay in sync between your target and source.

    At the opposite end of the complexity spectrum you can export the data from the source (into an ldif file), manually manipulate the ldif file to match the schema of the target and then import the modified ldif into the target. This approach is prone to errors, frustration and heartache.

    These aren’t the only two options but should give you a start as to where to looks for solutions.

    Brad Tumy


    Thank you for your quick answer Brad.

    I looked at several websites and it seems OpenIDM is the best option for me because I need a sync over a long period of time. Just to be sure, can you tell me wich OpenIDM’s product I should use?


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