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    I’m following a documentation[1] and trying to create new users from CSV file and create some of these users in a MS AD.
    What I did:
    – Create a Connector to read CSV file (CSVUsers)
    – Create a Connector to write to Active Directory (AD1)
    – Create a Mapping CSV_to_Local (Source: CSVUsers; Target: Managed/User)
    – Create a Mapping Local_to_AD (Source: Managed/User; Target: AD1)
    – Create a Assignment (AD), mapping to Local_to_AD
    – Create a new Role (AD), linking with Assignment “AD”

    What I was expect: only the users that I added manually in AD’ Role was created in Active Directory through Mapping Local_to_AD.
    What are happens: all users created using CSV_to_Local Mapping are created in Managed/User and Active Directory, ignoring my Role list users.

    If I add an attribute in Assignment using some field to test, work. But I would like to use the Role to group the users to be added in AD.

    Someone can help me?

    I’m using OpenIDM 7.0.1 (revision: 9be45fd)



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