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    I set up a simple sync config with OpenIDM and ODSEE (Oracle Directory Server).
    When i try to sync, i get an error about a wrong type.
    Datas from ODSEE seem to come with an array type.

    After adding array type in config, sync goes well, but when browsing datas, all fileds datas are [“data”] like.

    What could be wrong ? In ODSEE, all data are correctly formatted. But it is read as array by OpenIDM.


     Bill Nelson

    More than likely the attribute is multivalued in the directory server. I’m not clear how you were defining the attribute in IDM however.

    Please post a snippet of the property declaration for the managed object for the attribute in IDM and how you have declared it in the ODSEE connector configuration file.

    Also post a snippet from the sync.json of the mapping and any logic you have between the two properties.

    Finally, post the error message.

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