Switched CTS to external store – broke OpenAM

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     Jim Mulvey

    Hi, I set up an instance of OpenDJ on my OpenAM server and configured the CTS to use the external store. After restarting the server, OpenAM is not happy. I can’t log in. How can I revert the CTS change if I can’t log into the OpenAM console?

     Jim Mulvey

    Just to follow up in case others run into this, I was able to solve the problem. I used an LDAP Browser to open the configuration settings in the embedded OpenDJ and was able to navigate to the location where the CTS configuration errors were made. After correcting the values and restarting the OpenAM servers, all was well.

     Scott Heger

    That would be what I was going to suggest Jim. To others that may try this, be very careful anytime you directly interact with the configuration data as there is no error checking or any other safeguards in place when doing so. Also, be sure to backup your config store prior to doing such a thing in case you do happen to mess things up even worse. :)

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