ssoadm export-svc-cfg command not found

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    I wanted to change the host name in openam , i am trying to run export-svc-cfg sso command.

    $ ssoadm \
    export-svc-cfg \
    –adminid amadmin \
    –encryptsecret myEncryptSecretString1234 \
    –password-file /tmp/pwd.txt \
    –outfile config.xml

    But i am getting error as “Command not found”. Any help would be much appreciated

     Brad Tumy


    Check to make sure that you are currently in the directory where ssoadm is located and then if this is a Linux system use “./ssoadm” to run the command.


    Hi Brad,

    That helped. Thanks. But another i am facing another issue while importing service configuration.
    After some research found that similar kind of issue has been raised already

    But i did not find a solution. Instead, experts are advising to do a fresh install.


     Andy Cory

    Hi Dhilip

    How easy it is to do a fresh install is usually based on whether your original configuration was done manually or was scripted. There are many reasons why having a repeatable scripted build is beneficial, this is certainly one of them. How much manual effort would there be for you?



    Hi Andy,

    The fresh install would take time as there are more of custom configuration involved. I can still do it if that is the only option. But as i already have a openam running in a AWS linux server and i have taken a snapshot of the server and restored it in a new server. I thought it is enough if i can change the host name in openam config files to make it running in new server.


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