SSOADM command to update response attribute of a policy

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    I need to update the response attribute of a policy thru ssoadm command.I see that command : ssoadm update-policies, can take updated XML file in input and update the changes for policies.But I believe, this way of doing things is not dynamic.At run time I want to list out all the policies(thru command : ssoadm list-policies) and update the response attribute for all of them.

    Any clue on how to do?

     Peter Major

    Why not use profile attribute mapping instead if you are using agents? Modifying resource attributes will probably require a lot of legwork. If you want to automate this and you are using OpenAM 12+ then I would suggest to use the REST API to manage the policies and with a small script you should be able to add the necessary JSON to your existing policies to get the new attributes in place.

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