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    We have an existing setup where all our ForgeRock infrastructure exist on Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Machines. We are trying to deploy the above setup to Kubernetes and are trying to containerize the DS, AM and OpenIG products.

    In our VM setup, AM, Amster and ssoadm tool is on the VM and is used to setup our AM. ssoadm tool is executed with options create-identity, add-member and add-priviledges to setup users and permissions.

    In Docker world, I have managed to get AM deployed in an tomcat container. Once that container runs, I deploy an Amster container with scripts that configure this AM container. My issue arises when using ssoadm tool as it doesn’t have access to AM config directory. If my understanding is correct, it prevents us from using this tool remotely. From DevOps guide: it mentions Amster and AM Rest APIs as suitable alternatives to using ssoadm tool. I tried searching for similar functionality in the reference docs and wasn’t able to find any. Any help would be appreciated.

    If the above isn’t possible, is the recommended way that AM container would also contain ssoadm tool and Amster container would trigger that tool to perform those operations?

    I would like to avoid the way where a volume is mounted for AM config directory and the Amster container with ssoadm tool. As this prevents AM from horizontally scaling as there would be multiple config directories per AM containers.

     Warren Strange

    You are right – amster can not manage identities. The recommendation is to use alternative tools to automate loading of user data ( ldif import, idm etc.).

    It is a bit tricky, but you can use ssoadm in a container. Create the openam home directory as an emptyDir: {} shared volume that both the openam and ssoadm containers mount.

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