Single authentication and user store for different customers

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    Hi All,

    We have a requirement to use single openAM installation for multiple customers. Users from different customers may have a common username/uid but different customer name. Based on the recommendations from different forums we explored below options

    1. Keep all users from different customers in a single realm with OpenDJ authentication and data store
    Here the challenge is two users can not have a same uid. For example
    User 1: uid=user1, password=password, customername=cus1
    user 2: uid=user1, password=password1, customername=cus2

    Here though they have a same uid they can exist due to different customer names. Is there a way to have same uid for two different users but authenticate them based on uid and custom attribute combination? If yes, how do I achieve it in authentication and user search?
    I tried below suggestion but it is valid for separate realms with defined custom attribute values. In our case the customer name is dynamic like cus1, cust2 ….custn

    2. Create separate realm for different customers
    We anticipate a challenge in maintaining the realms when the customer base grows.

    What is the best way to handle this?



    Can someone suggest here?

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