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    I’ve been working through many OpenIG features and functionality and seem to be missing something on how the proxy is actually working. I’ve done a fresh install of openig on jetty to keep things super simple.

    First config is a super simple proxy to a single app (, basic config.json and 99-default.json as shown in 4.0 gateway guide. Changed my browser /etc/hosts file for to point to openig. This works as expected.

    Second config is another app ( No openig config changes, just modified my browser systems /etc/hosts to point to same openig ip as configured for For a request to, I am expecting openig to lookup and route those requests to the new app, but it is not. All requests to are simply routed to the first configured app

    It’s clear I must be missing something, can anyone enlighten me?



    Solved my issue. Did not completely understand how the baseURI in config.json was functioning. Removing a baseURI value allowed both sites to proxy as expected.

     Laurent Vaills

    Hi Benclade,

    That’s good that you have a successful experience with OpenIG.

    If you encounter any other problems, do not hesitate to post another message.


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